Première Vision, Paris Textile Show. Tips for visitors.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Hello my Dear Friends, Followers ...  

I hope that you have been starting this year with a strong motivation, exactly like me! I'm wondering if you're agree with my February reflection "It's good to grown, learn some new things with passion, every day to become a better version of yourself". This reflection helps me to develop my illustration and design competences in the way of textile & surface design. I have already some experiences in this field, so I'm growing up and exploring my illustration skills, to offer my clients the best creative services. 

First important step to discover fashion & textile world, was to visit the largest commercial exhibition for fashion and textile design industry. Première Vision Textile Show in Paris where I live, first edition starts in February 2017, next one will be in September 2017. Today I can say that it was one of the best exhibition show I have ever seen. I visited already Heimtextile Trade Fair in Frankfurt, but this event is dedicated for home decoration & textile industry. If you are interested to attend to this kind of textile exhibition as a visitor, I'm pleased to share with you my few tips. I hope they will help you to discover the most interesting event for textile & fashion industry in Europe.

photo via Première Vision 

Tips for visitors:
- Choose which exhibition areas are the most interesting for you and your business, it will help you to focus on your subject. As a designer, I have choosen The Designer Area on my first day, The Fabrics Area + (Trends Design Studios) + Trends Area, on the second day. 
- Don't take your camera, it's unuseful. I know it's a pity, but as a designer I understand why taking pictures is strictly prohibited.
- Book your ticket/pass on the website, before the show starts (you can save some money and time) 
- Take comfortable shoes (I've just checked on my iPhone and It looks like ... I walked around 20 km during two days;)
- Download the Première Vision App (iPhone version), it will helps you to plan your visit.
- Check some interesting workshops, seminaries and conferences (You will find it on the website, or Première Vision App)
- Take a note! For me it's the best way to remember the most interesting things.
- Start your visit in the morning, you will have a time to visit Paris during the late afternoon. Oh yes! I live in Paris more than 2 years (this year will be third one!) and I'm still fall in love with this city.

If you have some questions about this exhibition, don't hesitate to ask me in comment. See you soon, at the next show in September, Première Vision in Paris.

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